Water Droplet Macro

February 18, 2013 Tutorials  2 comments

Ran across a tutorial online the other (thanks to Petapixel blog, brief how to HERE) about shooting images with a macro lens through water droplets on glass.  This gave me so many ideas that I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The first thing I wanted to do was use an old book I had, The Best Of Life, 1973 and photograph some of those iconic images through the water drops, especially the image of the earth rise taken by the astronauts of Apollo 10.

Here’s the final result:

Earth Rise

And here’s how I did it:

Please excuse my date on my exif data, I need to change that in my camera right away!

_MG_2850 copyhowto

Here’s a few more images I took today as well…

Rainbow Drops


A famous photo from 1952 of movie-goers watching a 3D movie…

3D Glasses

Hedwig, a magnet of Harry Potter’s Owl…


And…flowers I got for Valentine’s Day…

Flowers Flowers Everywhere

And HERE’S a video tutorial to explain more for you…

2 comments to Water Droplet Macro

  • Michael Libbe not found  says:

    Cool stuff, Heather! I think I might try this during the dog days of summer when it’s too hot to shoot outside.

  • paula masterson not found  says:

    Quite simply inspirational, Heather!! The B&W one is exceptionally clever!! Gonna try this myself, tho I do not have a macro lens so will have to come up with another way. Thanks for sharing!!

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