Shooting HD video with the Canon 7D

March 26, 2013 Wildlife Photography  No comments

I’ve had the Canon 7D for awhile now but one of the things I haven’t done with it….is video.  So, I decided to learn how to use it.  It’s really not all that difficult, but two of the harder things to learn are to change you fstop around as you go depending on the light and to learn to focus quickly (if you’re shooting birds).  This is my most recent video below…it’s of one of the Barred Owls that live behind my parents house about 20 miles from my house.   No calls were used to find this owl, so you have the ability to see an owl just hanging out that is not stressed at all.  I just happened to look outside (I was planning on taking video of the squirrels on the bungee corn cob feeder they have) and there was the owl in a tree.

You’ll want to click the little ‘gear’ icon on the bottom right and choose 1080p HD to watch this in:




Here’s another little video compilation I did of some birds and things around my house…

And another one shot from inside the house during a recent rainy day…

I’m still working on learning to shoot video, but it’s fun!

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