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Pet Peeve

One thing that drives me nuts about facebook is how photos look after you’ve uploaded them.  Washed out, noise where there wasn’t noise in the original image, and just generally bland looking.  I don’t understand why they can’t get our images to look as good as they do on flickr, 500px or our own personal websites.  We all know facebook is continually upgrading and changing things around, I just don’t get why they can’t upgrade their photo quality.

For awhile now I’ve been searching off and on through various blogs and tutorials on what the best way to edit a photo for facebook is..trying out all sorts different ways to no avail, but I think I’ve found the answer.  Uploading that photo as a png and NOT a jpg like we usually do.  Saving as a jpg compresses your image, then uploading it to facebook will compress it again.  Saving as a png will not compress it, giving it a better chance after uploading to facebook to look more like your original image you viewed on your computer.

The Action

What I decided to do was create a quick little Photoshop action that will resize your image and add a little tiny bit of sharpening on another layer that you can adjust or completely turn off if you don’t need to sharpen.

This is not a ‘magic’ fix but I’ve found that using this action makes images *slightly* better, and slightly better is better than nothing.

Safety First

You don’t want to upload a full size version of your image anyway.  On facebook and many other sites people can take your image and print it and do gosh knows what else with it.  At least with a smaller resized version, there isn’t much they can do with it.  Another important thing is to add your logo, or at least your NAME onto your images you upload.  Obviously by having your name or logo on the image it doesn’t completely protect it, but it *might* deter someone from taking your image.  Remember I said ‘might’…nothing is guaranteed online and we all take a risk by uploading images to facebook and other websites.

Example In Use

Here’s an example of this action used on a photo.  I chose a photo I had that was originally a little dark and noisy to begin with to see how it would behave on facebook as a jpg and then as a png.  There were slight differences, such as around the squirrel’s eye and in various parts of the image.  On the jpg some areas appeared extra noisy and pixelated or ‘crunchy’.  Less so on the png image.


The most important thing to remember after running this action is to flatten your image and save as a png.  This action WILL NOT SAVE IT AS A PNG FOR YOU!




you can click the above image to view larger


Download the action at Mediafire right HERE

(very basic instructions are included, with links to tutorials on how to install actions)


See image below for where exactly to click to download on mediafire….unfortunately when using free download sites like mediafire, they have all these other little pop-ups that will cause you to download something you don’t want.  This image below has arrows that show you what button to click to get your download once you click my download link above.


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