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April 8, 2013 Videos  No comments

First up, just a little note if you’re not subscribed to this blog…

Don’t forget to check out the free downloads I’ve been posting lately, there’s a preset for Nik Silver Efex, a Photoshop action for getting your photos ready for facebook, a new Google+ timeline cover and more.  Check everything out HERE.


I’ve been uploading a few more various videos to Youtube lately and figured I’d link them all here if you’d like to check them out.

Here’s one from yesterday, I went outside and found this snake eating a frog on our bar-b-q grill…this was shot with the iphone5…please excuse the cursing ;-)  My husband put the snake and it’s meal out into the pasture.  We don’t kill snakes that aren’t venomous or poisonous around here…they actually have their own jobs of killing rats, mice and as you can see in the video…frogs.


I discovered I had an app on my iphone5 that could do time lapse so I did a quick little test with it to see how it would do.  I really think this will definitely be something I’ll do more of, but with better skies and scenery of course ;-)  (if you view this video on youtube, read the description and I link to the app I used)


…and we had some raccoons get into our chicken coop, leaving us with just two hens :(  So this past weekend we worked on securing the coop.  I did a video to show one of my friends all the improvements we made.  We’re giving the secured coop a few more days to make sure the hens are safe then I’ll work on buying some more hens.  This was shot with the iphone5 as well.


If you want to follow me on Youtube or see all of my other videos you can find everything HERE.



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