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iphone wildlife photos

May 25, 2013 TutorialsWildlife Photography  No comments

I was on facebook the other day and had noticed an advertisement for a weatherproof housing you put your iphone in and set up near your bird feeder or bird bath to remotely take photos.  I thought, I bet I can do this cheap!

I went through the app store, reading as many reviews as I could for all of the various apps.  I figured out that the best option for me…if I was going to set the iphone up on a tripod near a bird feeder and use the ipad to trigger the camera, that I needed a bluetooth app.

So, I went with this one HERE (this is a link to the free app, I do believe the one I have is a paid app, so there might be another version).

We have wifi but once you’re outside of the house it really doesn’t work, so I wanted the bluetooth app so I could set up the iphone farther out by my bird...

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Around The House

May 24, 2013 PhotographyWildlife Photography  No comments

Do you have an ipad?  If you do, be sure to download the free app ‘Flipboard‘.  I have several magazines I’ve curated on there, if you’d like to check them out.  I have a Wildlife And Nature flipboard where I ‘flip’ all of the awesome animal and landscape photos I find online.  Find it HERE.

I have several magazines on flipboard but one other I know you’ll like is my Photography Tips and Tutorials magazine HERE.

Don’t forget you can also download your free flickr cover photo template to spruce up your new flickr page HERE

…and ALL of my free downloads can be found HERE.

I haven’t gotten out to shoot much lately (but hoping to remedy that this weekend)…but I have been shooting here and there around my house...

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free download: flickr cover template

May 21, 2013 Free Downloads  One comment

If you haven’t noticed (or haven’t heard people on facebook talking about it) Flickr has re-done their website.  Bigger photos, a free terabyte of space and more.  They have also updated your own page where you can add a cover photo (just like Facebook and Google+).  You can choose from one of your own photos or you can create your own customized image to upload.  I created my own template to use on my page but I’ve also made it available for you to download and use as well.

It’s in layered .psd format, which means you’ll need Photoshop to work on this template.  You’ll also need to understand how to use clipping masks.  If you’re not sure how to use a clipping mask in Photoshop, check out this tutorial HERE for more information.


Download HERE

Don’t forget I have a free Google...

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Photo Of The Day

May 14, 2013 Photography

This is my first time using the ipad app ‘posts’ so I wanted to test it out :)

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