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Easy Photography Projects To Get You Shooting Again

May 13, 2013 Tutorials  No comments

We’ve all had those days where we wanted to go out and photograph something but didn’t know what, or didn’t feel like leaving the house, or leaving the house wasn’t even an option because of the weather outside.  Well, here’s a few projects to spark your creativity you can do at home no matter what the weather is like.


I had seen this done in the past but never really paid any attention to it…until I saw the super talented Holly McCaig post a few shots she did recently.  I was INSTANTLY hooked and started scouring google to read about how this is done.  I found out it’s actually quite simple.  The hardest part is probably adding the shadow in photoshop.  You don’t HAVE to add a shadow but it really seals the deal for realism if you’re going to do these types of photos...

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Owls And Sunset

May 9, 2013 PhotographyWildlife Photography  No comments

I had fun this past Monday shooting with my friend, John Elias.  We went around and visited quite a few burrows that housed Burrowing Owls and their chicks.  Then we hit up Boca Grande for sunset and I brought along a couple of ‘props’.  A conch shell and a starfish.



Canon 7D and Canon 100-400mm f4/5.6 USM IS for the owls.



Canon 7D and Canon 10-22mm for sunset.



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Around The House

May 3, 2013 Wildlife Photography  No comments

I know that I haven’t been getting to do much wildlife photography lately, but I did get a few images the other day right here in my own backyard.  I was walking the dog and heard a ruckus going on twords the back corner of our property and knew it must be one of the Great Horned Owls getting attacked by Grackles.  I took the dog back inside, grabbed my camera and walked out to where the noise was.  Sure enough, it was one of the Great Horned Owl adults sitting in one of my trees, I could hear the baby owlet calling but couldn’t see it.  I figure that one of the adults was out hunting for food for the baby.  The light was terrible but I did manage to get a shot of the adult and as I turned around to walk back up to the house, a Northern Flicker posed very nicely on a branch for me.

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