Fizzy Fruit Macro

June 9, 2013 PhotographyTutorials  One comment

I’m always looking around online to find new photo projects to do that are out of my comfort zone, or something I wouldn’t normally think of to do.  I found some tutorials online about photographing fruit in seltzer water and figured I’d give it a shot.

I used the Canon 7D, the Canon 100mm 2.8 macro and my 430ex flash.

I put the fruit into a glass…I really needed a square vase, that would have given me a little more room to work with but I didn’t have one and didn’t feel like driving 20 miles to Dollar General in town to pick one up ;-)

Here’s a few iphone photos of the set up:

photo (2)

The green recycling bin actually made a great ‘backdrop’ for some of my images, although I did use that red book as well for a few shots.


Because a toothpick through the fruit slice just wasn’t long enough to cover the glass, I just used a drinking straw.

photo (1)


I fiddled around with the flash settings quite a bit, and after I got my focus set manually using live view I shut all of the lights off in the room and then took the photos.

_MG_7767 copy


This image of the kiwi with the red book as the background is probably my favorite, although I should have used a higher fstop than I did to get all of the bubbles in focus, but I really do like how it came out.

_MG_7802 copy


There’s a lot of tutorials online for this technique so if you google around you’ll find them but here’s a really nice and simple tutorial HERE that should get you started if you’re interested in trying this out :)

One comment to Fizzy Fruit Macro

  • Geoff UNITED STATES  says:

    I LOVE the shot of the kiwi on the red!!
    Well done!!!!

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