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This has been one tough week.  First our washer died (and our dryer was having issues) so we had to get those fixed.  Then, the big box truck my husband uses for delivering furniture to designers and doing moves needed repairs and that took quite a chunk of change.  The icing on the cake was when our a/c unit at the house stop blowing cold!  After a couple of different companies looked at it, and we spoke to some friends who also did a/c work, we decided to replace the WHOLE unit.  If you’ve ever had to buy a new a/c unit for a 3/2 house, you know how hard it is to let that money go!  So, while the house was hot with no a/c, we took the dog and went to stay at my parents’ house while we waited for the a/c company to get in the new unit.  That day was the day of the super moon.  We were hot, sweaty and tired but I was determined to go out and shoot the moon rise so I piled all my gear into my Jeep and head off by myself to ‘hopefully’ shoot the moon.


I had it all planned out how and where I wanted to shoot the super moon on June 23rd, 2013 and although I did shoot it, it wasn’t what I had originally planned out in my head.  We had some storms roll through in the afternoon (typical Florida summer rain) and it had stopped raining by the time I had gotten to the area where I wanted to shoot the super moon but there were still clouds and haze in the sky.  I went to the ‘spot’ I had picked out, marked it on my TPE app on my iphone and proceeded to go around and see if I could shoot sunset somewhere first.


I did get a really nice sunset shot that I had been wanting for awhile now.  We call this a water tower, but it could have been used to hold a lot of things such as molasses for cattle….either way, if you’ve ever been to Dinner Island Wildlife Management Area you’ve seen this ‘icon’.

Florida Fire In The Sky


I actually took that image hand held from the window of my Jeep, I didn’t really have enough time between sunset and moon rise to get out the tripod so I snapped this and hoped for the best.  I really like how this came out.  I also used my back up body, the Canon 50D for this shot with the Canon 10-22mm lens.  I had the 100-400mm lens on the Canon 7D ready for any wildlife and ready for shooting the super moon.

After that I raced over to where I had wanted to shoot the super moon and as I was looking at the sky, the cloud cover wasn’t looking good.  So I passed up my location I had picked out and started to make my way out.  I decided to give it a chance and parked in a spot where I could see if it would come up and sure enough it did!  I quickly just stopped where I was to shoot it because as it was rising it was steadily getting smaller.


I put the 7D with the 100-400mm f4/5.6 USM IS L lens on it onto the Manfrotto tripod and set up as fast as I could.  I did get a decent photo of it, but not what I wanted.  I was not used to shooting landscapes with that big zoom (I was used to the 10-22mm) and I had set the fstop at f5.6, not thinking that the moon would be in focus but my foreground would not!  Here’s the shot I got:
Super Moon


I am happy I got the moon and the scene fairly well exposed (I’ve seen a lot of images posted of the super moon where it’s solid white with no detail)….but….I wished I would have done a few things differently.  Next time (August 2014!) I’ll have a chance again.  Till now, I am happy I shot it…and I’m happy I got to see it.  It really was HUGE when it popped up over the horizon and I spent some time inside the Jeep (hiding from mosquitoes) just watching it.

Well, there’s always next year!


A quick note about the mosquitoes.  This time of year they are HUGE and they are FIERCE!  I sprayed myself all over with regular mosquito repellent but I also used the Super Band mosquito bracelet.  I had bought these ahead of time just for this night because I knew I was going to get torn up.  I had them buzzing around my head and landing but NOT ONE SINGLE BITE!


You can buy the exact bands I bought (in a ten count pack) right HERE  (or click the photo below) for $11.50 at


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