Landscapes and Caracara

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I haven’t been posting much lately so I wanted to remedy that!  This post is some random photos I’ve take over the last few weeks that I’ve shared on flickr, facebook and 500px but not here.


Where I live here in southwest Florida, the Crested Caracara are plentiful.  They can be seen flying up and down the roads looking for roadkill to eat, perched on fence posts, and right on the side of the road.

I ran across this Caracara party the other day as I was driving to go shoot somewhere.  I thought about passing them up but then decided to turn around, pull the Jeep off the road and photograph them.

Most people who are interested in these birds know how to tell the juveniles from the adults.  The juveniles will have a pale pink color around their beaks while the adults will have a yellow/orange.  What a lot of people don’t know is that the Caracara, in times of stress (or in this instance, when feeding on roadkill with multiple birds around to compete with) they will DRAIN the color from their beaks and appear light yellow to almost white!


Here’s the group when I first saw them…..a juvenile is on the far right, a juvenile is flying off with a piece of the roadkill, an adult is to the left of the bird in flight and another ADULT is on the far left (see his beak color?)

Crested Caracara

In this image you can see two adults, the one on the right has drained his beak color…

Crested Caracara

Here’s another adult flying off with the pale beak…

Crested Caracara

And after I took a few photos I headed back down the road, only to find this juvenile and a few of his buddies feasting on another dead animal on the side of the road.

Crested Caracara


These shots are just a few practice landscape shots. I’m trying to get better at finding things in the middle of the day to shoot and not just stick to sunrise/sunset for landscapes. Summer clouds here in Florida are amazing.  I’m also hoping to photograph a few storms this year as well.

Summer Clouds

Paradise Pens

IMG_4967 copy

IMG_4998 copy

IMG_5045 copy


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