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Texturing Photos Tutorial

July 26, 2013 Tutorials  One comment


This will be a tutorial of sorts for texturing photos…. I’m kind of all over the place when I sit down to texture a photo, so it’s difficult for me to nail down an actual process for you but I will try.

Sometimes I’ll just open up an image and start layering textures over it with different blending modes, erasing bits I don’t want with a soft round eraser brush, and sometimes I’ll just use the plug in Totally Rad Dirty Pictures (Dirty Pictures is SUPER easy to use and I highly recommend that program if you’re just starting out!)  For this tutorial, we’re going to do everything the free way.

When you start out looking for free textures online to download, it can be overwhelming.  The easiest way to start out adding textures (in my opinion) is to go for a vintage canvas look.

Since it w...

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iphone photography

July 12, 2013 Photography  No comments

Yesterday I was outside and saw this big storm rolling past us, all I had on me was my iphone5 so I decided to take a panoramic photo with it.  I hardly ever use that feature, and I think from now on I’ll be using it a lot more!  I uploaded the photo to facebook to share with my friends and as I was looking at it, I decided to take it into photoshop and work on it a bit to punch up the sky since it was so dramatic.  I don’t normally take iphone photos into photoshop but I really like how this came out.  You may want to view it on Flickr HERE so you can see it in a larger size than how it’s showing up on this blog.

iphone 5 Panoramic

I decided after working on that photo in photoshop that I’d see what I could do with a few others, so far I have only come across one other image that I liked enough to ta...

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Photo Of The Day: Ortona Lock And Dam

July 11, 2013 Photography  No comments

I’ve been on a quest for quite some time now to find locations close to me for shooting sunset.  Mainly spots I could keep ‘in my back pocket’ should I start to see the sky lighting up for sunset and can quickly head out there in less than a half hour.  Since I’m in a very rural area in the middle of the state it’s harder to find places where you have a nice view of the horizon (unless I travel around 70 miles west to the beach, which I’ve done but my goal is to find local spots).  Two nights ago I decided to try to shoot sunset at Ortona Lock And Dam, which is located in between Clewiston, Florida and Labelle, Florida...

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