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July 12, 2013 Photography  No comments

Yesterday I was outside and saw this big storm rolling past us, all I had on me was my iphone5 so I decided to take a panoramic photo with it.  I hardly ever use that feature, and I think from now on I’ll be using it a lot more!  I uploaded the photo to facebook to share with my friends and as I was looking at it, I decided to take it into photoshop and work on it a bit to punch up the sky since it was so dramatic.  I don’t normally take iphone photos into photoshop but I really like how this came out.  You may want to view it on Flickr HERE so you can see it in a larger size than how it’s showing up on this blog.

iphone 5 Panoramic


I decided after working on that photo in photoshop that I’d see what I could do with a few others, so far I have only come across one other image that I liked enough to take into photoshop and it’s of the old sign at Alva Diner.  If you’re ever down this way (Alva, Florida) you should stop in there, great food!  They don’t take credit cards so you need cash, but it’s worth it!

photo (10)a


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