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free iphone 5 ios7 update wallpaper templates

September 21, 2013 Free Downloads  4 comments

*UPDATE: file download link has been updated with multiple choices for downloading the same file in case one fails!  Thanks to all of my readers that let me know it wasn’t working! :)


This is a set of ten different iphone5 wallpapers, sized to fit the iphone 5 with the new ios7 update.

Each file is in .png format.

Just open the wallpaper you want to use, drag your image onto a layer beneath the frame, resize to fit, flatten, save as a jpg and upload to your iphone OR you can just email it to yourself, open you email on your iphone and save the image to your camera roll.

Download link below preview:


Download at Dropbox HERE


Download at 4shared HERE


Download at mediafire HERE

Download at HERE <—some people are getting an error on this one

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Sharing isn’t always caring!

September 18, 2013 PhotographyTutorials  No comments

Read this article HERE (or see screenshot below), this is the basis of my post today….



I’m climbing up on my soapbox….and it’s about stealing photos….so just be prepared ;-)

This is an interesting article!  Not because of who ‘shared’ the photo….but that FINALLY a photo on facebook was shared by someone ‘famous’ (or infamous) and was taken to court. I know I’d be flippin’ gorilla poop mad if someone was ‘sharing’ one of my images with a quote or title on it that I didn’t put there, removed my watermark and there was no information to be found anywhere on the image or in the subject line that is was MINE. She could have EASILY found the original image on the photographer’s website and LINKED TO IT…that way they get credit...

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Great Smokey Mountains National Park

September 3, 2013 Photography  No comments

Last week I was up in Gatlinburg to visit the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  I had such a great time!  I couldn’t devote the WHOLE time I was there to photos because I was also there to be with family but as I go through all of my images I wanted to share a favorite with you today.  This is from the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail…a MUST DO while you’re there!

IMG_6945_6_7_tonemapped copy

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