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Read this article HERE (or see screenshot below), this is the basis of my post today….




I’m climbing up on my soapbox….and it’s about stealing photos….so just be prepared ;-)

This is an interesting article!  Not because of who ‘shared’ the photo….but that FINALLY a photo on facebook was shared by someone ‘famous’ (or infamous) and was taken to court. I know I’d be flippin’ gorilla poop mad if someone was ‘sharing’ one of my images with a quote or title on it that I didn’t put there, removed my watermark and there was no information to be found anywhere on the image or in the subject line that is was MINE. She could have EASILY found the original image on the photographer’s website and LINKED TO IT…that way they get credit. But by right clicking and saving it to HER hard drive, and uploading it to her facebook and website……that’s WRONG.
(here’s the photographer’s website….easy to find and link to: )

Hey guys, we ALL need to pay more attention to what we share on facebook. Make sure it’s attributed to the photographer in some way (example: you share it DIRECTLY from the post the photographer put on their fan page or personal page), make sure they are getting credit, etc. ~ before you share it!  Obviously, in this situation….if this had been some 13 year old kid sharing this photo, it probably wouldn’t make news….BUT…my point is, ladies and gentlemen… what you right click and download to your own computer and upload to facebook….that’s stealing from the owner, folks!  Just because someone put a motivational quote, or funny caption, etc. onto a photo…doesn’t mean the photo they used is theirs and that does not mean just because they uploaded it to facebook means you can take it too.

Wouldn’t you be angry and upset if someone right clicked and stole a photo of your 15 year old daughter and used it for their own personal gain, or created a fake profile with it, or photoshopped her head onto a porn star’s body? Or took one of your images that you hiked 5 miles to get, got tore up by bugs, sat and waited for the right light for an hour and hiked back…then edited it…all that cost you money (gear, gas, computer, editing programs) and someone just takes it and saves it to their hard drive and uses it how they want without giving you a how-do-you-do?

The sad thing is I see photographers sharing images all of the time via ‘Like Farmer‘ fan pages, or uploading images to share on facebook they didn’t take that have no attribution to the creator/photographer. I’VE DONE IT TOO!  8-O

Your Exif data doesn’t always keep your images safe either.  Know how to strip exif data? PNG files don’t contain EXIF data so if you save as PNG first and then as JPEG that will remove all EXIF information with zero impact on image quality as PNG files use lossless compression. The advantage to this is that it can be done with almost any image editor on any platform. Meaning….exif data can easily be removed from any image.

There’s really is NO WAY to keep your images safe on the internet.  It literally is a ‘free-for-all’ out there…facebook has just made it easier for thieves to get their grubby little paws on stolen images and has given those Like Farmers a huge platform to share stolen images and make a profit.  Yes, they profit off of sharing your images.  They don’t profit directly off the image itself (because most of us upload small, websized photos…they can’t be printed big enough to sell) but by getting more and more fans to ‘like’ their pages they are making money using YOUR photos.  Want to know how?  Read THIS.   My blog post isn’t about protecting your images….you really don’t need another article telling you to watermark, watermark, watermark, upload small images in low res, etc.  This is the risk we take every day to be able to share our OWN images online.  I really feel that the more photographers that speak up about ‘sharing’ and doing it the right way on facebook could make a HUGE difference!

Here’s just a small example of where these photos and quotes on facebook you share come from….the facebook image is on the left and where it actually came from is on the right…as you can see, some of these were stolen from stock photography sites where a photographer is selling the image.  Bottom line, they stole the photo and didn’t pay for it.  The first image is a quote, that originally appeared on amazon from someone selling it as wall art.  The second image is a free printable you can download, this gets a little iffy here….but I still believe they should have credited the person who made it.  As you scroll down…there’s an oil painting, flickr image, etc…. Want to know where an image comes from that you’re unsure about?  Use Tineye before you share it!


Click image to view larger!

Ok, I’m climbing down off the soapbox now…but before I go I just want to say…I’ve been guilty of ‘sharing’ images with no attribution and I really feel that MOST of the other people and photographers sharing these images have no idea what they’re doing either.  I just hope this is a little wake up call to everyone to realize that sharing isn’t always caring ;-)

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