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January 9, 2014 Free Downloads  5 comments

Today’s freebie is for Photoshop, but it isn’t necessarily for photography.  Lately I’ve gotten into painting and drawing in Photoshop and have created my own grungy watercolor tool presets.  Tool presets for Photoshop are similar to brushes.  This set has been tested and work in Photoshop CS6, but I’m unsure if it will work in other versions…since it’s a free download you can go ahead and give it a shot in older versions and comment on this post and let me know if they work ;-)

***UPDATE*** Thanks to a couple of comments here on the blog post these seem to ONLY work in CS6

Here’s a helpful link on how to install and use tool presets (basically, where to put and load the .tpl file that is included in this download)… click HERE to read the tutorial.

They work best with a tablet and pen like a Wacom but they can work with a mouse.

Here’s a preview of all 15 watercolor tool presets that are included, the download link is below


Download HERE (look for zip download button to the right)

OR should that link fail….

Download at Mediafire HERE (look for big green download button)


If you’re already using and loving Photoshop tool presets to draw with, check out a few of these other freebies available –

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5 comments to freebie: photoshop watercolor tool presets

  • shirley klein UNITED STATES  says:

    Hi, I just tried downloading into cs2 and right away it gave me the message that it was not compatible with my program. But thank you for the download anyway.

    • admin UNITED STATES  says:

      Thank you for letting me know Shirley, I appreciate it!

  • anna AUSTRIA  says:

    thank you, ps watercolor does not work in CS5, or hav I made a mistake ?
    Pencil Brush Toll Presets works !!
    And thank you for all your downloads !

    • admin UNITED STATES  says:

      Thank you for letting me know they don’t work in CS5, guess they only work in CS6.

  • Scrumptious UNITED STATES  says:

    Just got CS6 and a tablet and haven’t tried out either yet. I look forward to checking these out. Thank you!

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