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I discovered Flipboard last year for my ipad and I just fell madly in love with this app.  Not only is it free, it’s beautifully done, and it is addicting.


The first thing that hooked me about Flipboard was viewing my twitter feed through it.  I got a twitter account almost immediately when it first launched and I did love it….but, after awhile I could never really find a twitter reader that I liked.  Then, along came Flipboard.  The ability to flip through my twitter feed in a magazine format, and have all of the images people shared show up (not just as links!) was fabulous.

Other Accounts

You can follow your facebook feed, your instagram feed, your flickr feed, your 500px feed and more right through flipboard.

For Travelers

When we went to the Smokies in Tennessee I decided to create a flipboard containing links to everything I wanted to see, ideas for photos I wanted to take, maps to the park, etc.  So, as I sat on the deck of the cabin we rented (complete with wifi) I was able to flip through my mag and see what areas I wanted to visit.  Like seeing the elk in the Cataloochee Valley.

For Artists

I’m all over the chart when it comes to art and creating.  I love to crochet (my grandma taught me when I was little) so I created a flipboard mag full of free crochet patterns I found online from websites and blogs.  Then, I could sit down on my couch, with my hooks and my yarn, with my ipad open to the crochet pattern I wanted to do.  I also love to doodle and draw.  I created a flipboard mag with doodle and zentangle ideas I loved and wanted to try.  I could just sit at my table with the ipad open, with my pens and doodle away while flipping through the mag and getting inspired.

For Photographers

I think Flipboard mags could be HUGE for photographers.  It’s a way to get your images out there for people to share and like.  You can even share directly from whatever online website or store you sell your images at!

Another option is to create your own portfolio mag of all of your images.  Easily flipped through by anyone interested in your work.  If you’re following your own flickr or 500px feed you can just flip right from that.  So your images with your watermarks are shared and the image is directly linked to your flickr account so if someone wants to buy that image they can contact you that way.  Then, if someone re-flips your flip, it’s the same information being shared.

For Bloggers

You could create a whole mag dedicated to just your blog posts.  A great way for your readers to keep up with your blog.  I personally would LOVE to read some of my favorite blogs through a flipboard magazine.  And do you know what?  If I found a blog post I liked I’d just flip it onto one of my magazines.  This is a great way to get your blog posts out there and shared by more and more people.

For Sellers

Do you sell on etsy? Cafepress? Zazzle? Your own web store?  You can flip your products into magazines and even include the price.  Another fabulous way to get your products out there.


Get The App

If you’d like to learn more about the Flipboard app, check out this link HERE (it’s FREE and not just for i-devices!) and start curating.

Flip From Your Desktop Computer

You can even flip right from your computer onto your mags.  I find I flip the most this way.  Just use the handy dandy bookmarklet.


Follow My Mags

You can also check out their blog with all sorts of stories, inspiration for your own mags, how to ‘flip’ and much more HERE.



So go ahead and download the app to your device and explore it….and feel free to follow one of, or all of  my 35 magazines ;-)



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