How To Print Black And White Photos At

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I wanted to share a tutorial about printing black and white images at  The quality is excellent and the price just can’t be beat!


First up, head to the Staples Copy And Print Center HERE

You’ll want to click on Copy and Print Services (see screen shot below)


Once you’ve clicked Copy and Print Services (above) you’ll want to click Black And White (screenshot below)


A new window will open and then you’ll choose ‘Standard B&W’  and then the blue ‘select’ button (screenshot below)


Upload your file (see screenshot below)


When your file finishes uploading….

Once finished, click on “Media” and choose “67lb Card White 11×17 – Ledger (Cover/Resume)”. Since 11×14 (the size of our image) is a standard frame size, but not a standard print/paper size, we have to print it on 11×17 paper. (screenshot below).  Once you receive the print you’ll have to cut off the excess paper to fit your frame.

Note: depending on how large your file is (I’m using an 11″x14″ print from my set on etsy HERE, you may need to click the small box, ‘fit content to paper’.


Once you’ve chosen your paper, just click ‘Add To Cart’ (screenshot below)


And that’s it!  You can continue to add more files or just check out with your print… can choose to pick up at your local Staples store or have them delivered right to your house.

You can see this one print costs just 34 cents!


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