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finally! my first florida panther sighting!

January 3, 2011 Photography  39 comments

NOTE:  thank you for all of the wonderful comments here, on flickr and on facebook.  This was a dream come true to see panthers and photograph them.

Please excuse the added copyright message on the photos and the fact that you can’t right-click anything on this blog (only direct clicking works right now), I’m only protecting my copyrighted work by doing this as many people have already right-clicked and saved these images to their computer without permission and a release from me.  I’m happy to work with anyone who is involved in panther research and conservation.  If you’d like to use an image, you must contact me at cesstrelle@gmail.com  or you can contact me via this form HERE.

You may not save, copy, take a screen shot or download any of my photos without my express written p...

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